Napoli’s Italian restaurant of Grapevine shares some interesting facts on Italian food

Napoli’s Café, located in Grapevine , has been serving the local community and its many visitors with fresh, traditional, Italian food and a nice variety of wine and beer since its opening in 2004. Napoli’s accommodates reservations of 20 people or more and provides custom catering for local parties and events, proudly using their own family recipes and serving with the motto “From our family to yours.”

Napoli’s is an authentic Italian restaurant in grapevine that prides themselves on traditional Italian food from Italian appetizers to dinners that include fresh pastas and seafood served with hearty soups. Napolis brings a fun, traditional italian restaurant with a unique confectionary next door to the small town of grapevine, and offers pizza delivery to residents.

The confectionary features traditional Italian desserts and pastries such as tiramisu, cannolis and gelato but also offers sweets to satisfy any craving including old fashion candy, taffy and fresh fudge. Napolis shares fun facts about italian food and its history, such as the origin of pizza itself. Pizza was first invented in 1889 in Naples, and years later Napoli’s cafe serves and delivers pizza to Grapevine.

When it comes to price, Napolis is affordable for families, unlike the most expensive pizza in the world, priced at 2,500 dollars a pizza. This pizza includes ingredients like white truffle and fontina cheeses and is found in the U.K.

To make a reservation to the italian restaurant in Grapevine or to order some italian food or pizza delivery in Grapevine call (817) 310-0385 or visit

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