EatDrinkDFW.com makes it easy to choose where to go for Food and Spirits in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex! Not just a directory site, we give you the word on The Venues, The Menu’s, The People that make dining and imbibing fun!

  • Do you have a hard time choosing where to dine?
  • Want all of the Happy Hours, nightclub, bar information in one place?
  • Do you want all of the local dining information in one website that is updated by real local people that actually visit the establishments? 
  • Tired of trying to find local dining menus to view so you can:
    1) decide what to order when you arrive to dine in?
    2) place a call for a pick up order?
  • Have a special event and want to know what establishments offer  private rooms  and catering menu’s ?

Visit us often to read read new weekly reviews about the food and spirits all over the Dallas Fort Worth area. You will get to meet the great people behind the great flavors, the wait staff you will want to ask for by name,   breakfast / brunch / dinner / lunch / specials /   happy hours  &  entertainment that you won’t want to miss!

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